> I Love Ruby Glass


I was introduced to ruby glass by a good friend who had inherited a collection of ruby and cranberry glass from her grandmother. Soon after I came across a beautiful set of plates and glasses at an antique store and I made the plunge and bought it. I've collected other pieces over the years as well, some in the Bohemian tradition as are shown in the photos here in this album, a few that just spoke to me and I bought them for their charm.

The majority of pieces shown within are likely from the Egermann Company, which has been producing ruby glass since the 19th Century. The Egermann Company also was responsible for the invention of this type of ruby glass staining, a process that incorporates gold into its mix of materials. When you look at one of these pieces in the right like you will notice a certain subtle irridescence that comes from the gold.

What distinguishes Bohemian pieces is the type of etching, it is irregular and imperfect and that it was makes it so beautiful. The red is scraped back to the tranluscent, etched areas of the base piece. The older pieces are also slightly irregular with ever so slightly thinner or thicker parts. The red stain does not scrape off and of all the pieces that I have, only a tray has a faint gold edge that was worn off.

Here is a link to an article that mentions collecting and learning more about Bohemian Ruby Glass.

Collecting Ruby Glass

I've looked at a few books about glass but the mentions of ruby glass are extremely limited. The better books on the subject appear to be out of print.