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This hat is just what I was looking for! I converted the pattern to a PDF, if you would like the file, please let me know.

Meg...I would like to get this pattern in a PDF. Would it be possible for you to send it to me??


I love this hat and have it almost finished, but I am a little confused about how to finish it. I have transferred all the stitches onto parallel needles as you said. I am about to start the knitted cast-off, but the end of the yarn is in the center back, not at one of the ends. Should I knit the stitches until I reach the end of the needle ... or did I do something wrong? Can you email me at [email protected] with your answer? Thanks!

Yes, you will end your round in the middle back. Transfer the back half of the total stitches onto one needle (including the stitches that are from the start of that round) and then transfer the front half of the stitches onto another needle, then kitchener the center crown of tge hat you have set aside the stitches required to complete the ears.

The ears are done via a three-needle bind-off and then stitched upright.

Did you ever get a chance to publish a diagram for the batman hat ears?

Really cute hat. Thanks.

I would very much like the PDF for the batman knit hat pattern. Thank you. Vicki Z

I would love the PDF for the batman hat as well. Thanks!


I would very much like the PDF for the batman hat as well. Thanks Andrea.

I too would love the PDF for the Batman Hat. It is amazing. Thank you so much. Mo

Is diagram for Batmman hat available. Struggling with how to sew the ear so it stays the pattern.

I would love to have the PDF for this adorable batman hat.

I would love the pdf for this please!.

I can not figure out the ear and how to finish? Please explain! Thank you

I would really love to have this pattern as a PDF file, please. Not sure who to get i from or what the email address is. Thank you very much.

May I add my name to the list to receive the PDF? I would love to start this hat. Not sure how to follow diagrams when knitting. Is this difficult to learn?

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