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Please could you email me the PDF file as well.

please email me the pdf thanks so much

I'm confused about this pattern! So, once I do the intarsia flat knit, how do I make it round again? When I join in back in the round, it's going to create 16 rows with no connection to the hat...? Do I knit 16 rows flat blue and then seam it?

okay, it's me again! I'm struggling with the ear - can you sent the pdf please?!

I too am having difficulty figuring out the ears. Please help!

Thank you!!!

Hi! I would love to knit this cute hat for my 3 year old. Could you please send me the PDF? Thank you so much!

Hi could you send me the pdf batman hat pattern

Finished knitting the Batman hat - looks great but cannot understand how to finish the ears. Can you please help me. Thank you. Margaret

I'm at the part where I'm about to finish the crown but I'm confused how to start the three needle cast off. The working thread is on the back needle. Should I have turned the hat inside out before I transferred to straight needles? Has anyone finished this hat?

would love to have tis pattern chart,thank you

Could I also please get a PDF of this pattern? Thanks so much!

Hi- do I need to get the PDF for the Intarsia chart? Would love to receive this - thank you! kerry

Please send me the intarsia chart for this pattern

I am completely lost. I have to make this hat by Thursday, Nov. 7th. The hat for for a little boy who has cancer - he wants to be Batman for a fundraiser on Thursday.

I am ready to start the Intarsia Batman sign but where do I get the chart for it.

Faye M. Manzi

Could you please send me the PDF for the batman hat. It's just what I've been looking for.

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